Nihad Nadam| Digital Arabic Artist

Nihad NadamFrom his early beginnings in Syria – one of the most ancient civilizations on earth – Nihad Nadam has been mystified by his rich artistic heritage and cross cultural dialogue in all its forms. For him, letters and words are the essence of life, and visual representations of thoughts, ideas, and feelings form the basis of our understanding of the world and the millions of connections we make within it.

Although his professional life also sees him engage heavily in creativity, Nihad’s true passion lies in Arabic calligraphy and his life’s mission is to raise awareness of, and appreciation for, this ancient art form. Having participated at more than 15 regional exhibitions on Arabic calligraphy and art, and speaking frequently at related events, Nihad is an eminent authority on the topic. He lectures on Advanced Arabic Calligraphy and Typography solutions and provides workshops with similar themes in major universities and schools in the region. In addition to this, Nihad is a member of several art communities and communication platforms that aim to preserve Arabic calligraphy and typography heritage through the use of creative technology.


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